In 2007, Google innovated what is known as "streetview". Google initiated 360 degree photography, setup cameras, mounted on automobiles and proceeded to drive roads and highways around the world capturing 360 degree images. five years later, over 5,000,000 miles of roadways had been photographed and became visible on Google Maps.
By 2011, Google began implementing similar technology and apply to shooting inside businesses. The result was first introduced as "See Inside" known today as Streetview 360 Virtual Tours. Google then invited people to become Certified Streetview | Trusted PRO Independent Photographers. Initially, Google provided one on one training between Google specialists and those who were accepted to become known as Google Certified Trusted photographers.
Upon learning about the program, I applied, was accepted and followed training provided by a Google representative. Once meeting Google training goals, I was provided access to publishing 360 degree virtual tours to Google where they appear on Google Maps and Google My Business.
In 2014, Google introduced modifications to the Streetview | Trusted PRO photography that allows for photography of large businesses, hotels, apartment communities, shopping malls and other large areas to be photographed and displayed. I entered what they called the "Hotel" progam and learned to shoot and publish to Google Maps and Google My Business.
Today, over 10 years after Google introduced "See Inside", the importance of finding businesses and locations has become very important. Today, my efforts on behalf of businesses help them show their businesses using 360 degree virtual tour photography make it possible for people to view the inside of businesses from their computers and mobile devices before ever traveling to a physical location.
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